Nasal Measurement

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ASRA Classic Audiometer, ASRA Osicus Audiometer and Audiometer Accessories

Newborn Resuscitation

SMART Newborn Resuscitation Training System


ASRA Audiometer

Audiometer ASRA. Full range, PC based screening Audiometer with rapid testing, batch_utility, and manual input software, audiocups, cables and manufacture calibration.

A1 Acoustic Rhinometer

Rhinometer UK. Acoustic Rhinometer A1 with Animal, Pediatric and Adult sound tubes. Anatomical or conical nose pieces for airtight connection without distortion.

OSICUS Solo Audiometer

Audiometer OSICUS. Osicus Solo is a next-generation, portable, intelligent audiometer for the screening of hearing loss in the work place. Portable PC based screening Audiometer with Manufacturer’s calibration.

NR6 Rhinomanometer

Rhinomanometer NR6 there are Clinical and Research versions available. Plus the new Vertex and Effective resistance values, in the research version.

NV1 Rhinospirometer

Rhinospirometer NV1 has been developed to measure the partitioning of airflow between the two nasal passages. The patient breathes through two nasal adapters and the volume of air breathed from each side of the nose is measured over several breaths.

Respiratory Flowheads

Flowheads, wide range of Respiratory Flowheads UK suitable for all respiratory studies. Easily cleaned, disinfected or sterilised. Economical, sensitive and robust.

SMART Newborn Resuscitation Training System

Newborn Resuscitation Training System. Trained newborn resuscitators in order to be able to demonstrate and measure mask leak. NLS or NRP instructors. Neonatologists, paediatricians, neonatal nurses and midwives with responsibility for training. It is an integral part of the Advanced Resuscitation of the Newborn course RC (UK).

Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow (PNIF) Meter

The In-check PNIF meter can be used to quickly assess the patency of the nose. It uses a variable diameter tube calibrated directly in litres per minute, along with a low inertia indicator ring, whose position after an inspiratory manoeuvre clearly indicates the maximum flow achieved.

New Electroacoustic Auto Response System (EARS)

The EARS box has been designed to provide a quick and convenient way of checking the performance of an audiometer prior to using it with subjects, in line with H&SE recommendations.
It does this by providing accurate and consistent thresholds