A1 Information & Data

A1 Information & Data



Acoustic Rhinometers allow a very rapid non invasive examination of the nasal cavity using a sound pulse technique. Reflections of the sound pulse, produced by changes in the. cross sectional area within the nose, are processed by a PC to provide a plot of the area as a function of distance into the nose. Numerical information such as the area at certain distances and volumes between certain points in the nose can also be presented.



Two versions of the system are offered to provide facilities tailored to particular applications which include:- Surgical pre/post comparisons - Nasal symmetry assessment - Allergen challenge recording - Sleep studies Measurement of the effect of decongestants . Hay fever & Common Cold Studies



We are able to supply complete systems including a PC & Printer. Alternatively we will supply the components required to install the A1 in your PC. The minimum PC requirement is for a system running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Any printer with a Windows driver should be suitable.



ln built calibration facility; Colour display; Display of mean and SD curves; A4 size printouts; Adjustable scale setting; Calculation of:- The first two minimum areas; Position where minima's were found; The volume between two distances.



All the features above plus:- Result verification software facility with CV% calculation:- A report generation facility which provides:- Editing of resultant curves; Volume measurement of 4 sectors; Cross section calculation at 6 points; Pre/post graphical display; Pre/post ratio calculation; Pre/post % change; Colour A4 printout of the report:- Artificial nose and straight tube for setting up and performance verification. Capability to be called from a patient database and return values to the database.

It is anticipated that the Al Clinical will suit applications where assessment can be based on basic information taken from the screen or from a simple printout, while the Al Clinical/Research will be used for detailed investigation usually involving pre/post comparison of data.



Five pairs of medium and large anatomically conformed nosepieces, and five sets of 8,10 and 12 mm conical nosepieces are supplied with the system.



Small animal sound tubes, or those appropriate for use with small children, in either closed or open formats, can also be supplied.

A compatible Rhinomanometer, the NR6 is also available, either as a free standing instrument, or linked to the A1, making a combined unit running NARIS software. This provides rhinomanometric and rhinometric measurements, with mixed results saved to a subject database or output to a common report.

A USB footswitch, with which to initiate a measurement, can also be supplied.