NV1 Information & Data

NV1 Information & Data

The NV1 Rhinospirometer has been developed to measure the partitioning of airflow between the two nasal passages.

The patient breathes through two nasal adapters and the volume of air breathed from each side of the nose is measured over several breaths.

A nasal partitioning ratio (NPR) can be easily calculated from the nasal volumes.

Measurement of NPR allows an objective measurement of the severity of nasal septal deviation and is also useful for studies on the nasal cycle and rhinitis.


Developed in conjunction with the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University UK.


Size = 21 x 8 x 15 cm Weight = 2 Kgm
Supply Voltage = Universal Supply Wattage = 3 W
Repeatability = Better than 2% FSD Volume Accuracy = better than 3%
Standards = CE marked - 0473CE Electrical = BS EN 60601-1:2006
Warm up time = 5 minutes Operating Temperature + 15 to + 35 C
Operating Humidity 20 to 80% Non Condensing
Duty Cycle = Continuous Display = (Stand alone unit) Two LCD Meters (PC) Screen