ASRA Audiometer

ASRA Audiometer

Full range, PC based screening Audiometer with rapid testing, batch_utility, and manual input software, audiocups, cables and manufacturer's calibration.



The ASRA Audiometer employs modern electronics, coupled with continually developing software, to provide a unique range of facilities in a user-friendly package, for progressive occupational health professionals. Customer driven software upgrades are available annually to expand the features available and to ensure each Asra is kept totally up to date. Installation and training are included with UK deliveries at no extra cost and a comprehensive warranty and support package is available to ensure customers continue to enjoy the benefits Asra offers, for years to come.


The Asra main program provides

Automatic test routines which follow the British Society of Audiology recommendations for pure tone testing: Semi-automatic or manual test routines: Recall date calculation with operator override: Single or multiple pulse options: Storage of audiograms on disk and because of the file size and disk capacity available today, an almost infinite number of records can be stored: Recall of stored results to screen for comparison with current test: Printout of result in full A4 format: Option to merge data with user-definable letters: Categorisation of results based on age and previous results: Adaptation of test protocol to suit patient and operator: Wide intensity range (-20 to +120 dB) to allow accurate assessment for all age groups: Wide frequency range 125Hz to 12 kHz with 4 standard frequency lists: Export of results data in a form suitable for all modern database software.


The Asra utility program adds the following facilities

Production of recall lists showing name, ID number, audiogram date, recall date, and previous result categorisation, for any period in the future. Production of test lists containing the same information but based on a previous time range and selected by audiogram date. Statistical analysis of audiograms found during any search sequence by category with the option to print it out e.g. annual statistics. Production of a "Word" mail merge file containing audiogram information selected by date and category to facilitate the generation of referral documentation. Trend analysis search, which calculates annual loss figures to help identify those suffering accelerated hearing loss.


System Description

System description A full system comprises the Asra Classic Audiometer with earphones, patient response button, USB cable, a PC running Windows and printer. The computer has to have a free USB port, to link with Asra, but does not have to be physically beside it.


System Options

System options Asra can be supplied without the computer and printer if you already have a suitable unit available. It is equally at home with a stand alone notebook or desktop PC or a fully networked system.



Test Time From 5.5 minutes
Frequencies Select from 125, 250, 500, 750Hz 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12kHz
Accuracy ± 0.1%
Harmonic Distortion 1%
Hearing Level Range -20dB to +120dB
Accuracy ± 1dB
Linearity ± 1%
Standards Audiometry BS EN 60645, Electrical BS EN 60601, CE Marked
Categorisation H&SE Scheme
Safety Automatic Limitation of SPL
Size 27 x 6 x 28cm
Weight 2 Kgms
Power 110/230/240v 10W





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