ASRA Curve Audiometer (Incl. Software & Accessories)

ASRA Curve Audiometer (Incl. Software & Accessories)



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The Asra Curve performs air conduction screening, backed up with additional software to perform tasks such as annual statistics and recall lists. Designed to build on the reputation of the Asra Classic, the Asra Curve offers many of the same unique features but combines the latest electronics with a smaller product to better fit current healthcare environments.

The ASRA Curve Audiometer provides a number of benefits to the user:

  • Employs modern electronics, coupled with continually developing/updating software, to provide a unique range of facilities.
  • Ability to have more than one headset calibrated to the instrument ensuring minimal downtime in the event of a headset malfunction.
  • Full support is included with UK deliveries at no extra cost.

The ASRA testing software provides:

  • Automatic test routines following the British Society of Audiology recommendations for pure tone testing.
  • Automatic or manual test routines.
  • Single or multiple pulse options.
  • Audiograms can be stored locally on your PC or in a network location.
  • Recall of stored results to screen for comparison with current test.
  • A4 format printout of results in full colour.
  • Option to merge data with user-definable letters.
  • Adaption of test protocol to suit patient and operator.
  • Wide intensity range (-10dB to +110dB) to allow accurate assessment for all age groups.
  • Wide frequency range (125Hz to 12kHz) with 4 standard pre selected frequency lists.
  • Export of results data in a form suitable for uptake by all modern database software.

The ASRA batch utility software provides:

  • Production of recall lists showing name, ID number, audiogram date, recall date, and previous result categorisation for any period in the future.
  • Production of test lists containing the same information but based on a previous time range and selected by audiogram date.
  • Statistical analysis of audiograms found during any search sequence by category with the option to print it out e.g. annual statistics.
  • Production of a Word Mail Merge file containing audiogram information selected by date and category to facilitate the generation of referral documentation.
  • Trend analysis search which calculates annual loss figures to help identify those suffering accelerated hearing loss.


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