seca CT3000i Interpretive Portable ECG
Entry-level ECG without compromises

Don’t accept compromises. The CT3000i enables the same quality standards as higher class models. It is a portable, lightweight ECG machine, that prints 12 simultaneously acquired ECG traces on 90 mm paper eliminating trace overlap. Entry-level doesn’t mean a loss of quality. The CT3000i comes with a copy button for extra ECG traces, recharge function with up to 4 hours of of continuous operation without mains supply.


  • 12 lead, 3 Channel ECG with high quality interpretive programme.
  • Auto-start button automatically produces the ECG traces complete with Rhythm Strip, Measurements and Interpretation.
  • Filters for baseline, electrical and muscle tremor interference, providing clear traces.
  • Lead off warning and identification.
  • Useful copy button for extra ECG traces.
  • 12 simultaneously acquired ECG traces printed on 90 mm paper, eliminates trace overlap.
  • Paper tray accommodates z-fold or roll paper.
  • Manual button provides real time print-outs.
  • Mains and battery operation.
  • Battery recharges automatically and when fully charged provides 4 hours of continuous operation.
  • Secure and portable within the seca hard carry case option (see accessories and consumables).
  • QTC interval – Ideal for Mental Health

Supplied complete with: Mains cable, Patient cable, Pack of z-fold paper, 300 disposable electrodes and alligator clips

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 293 x 210 x 73 mm
  • Net Weight 0.5 sts / 2.9 kg
  • Power Supply Power adapter, rechargeable batteries
  • ECG Channels 3


seca CT3000 Aluminium Carry Case

seca CT3000i Z-Fold Paper (Single)

seca CT500 ECG Trolley

Covidien Q-Trace GOLD Electrodes pk 500

5400 Q-Trace ECG TAB Electrodes (x500)

Extended 2 year comprehensive warranty for seca CT3000i