NV1 Rhinospirometer

The NV1 has been developed to measure the partitioning of airflow between the two nasal passages.


The NV1 has a number of benefits to the user:

  • Easily transportable, robust system
  • Dual volume readings
  • Results independent of subject effort
  • Provides objective measurement of the severity of nasal septal deviation
  • Aids selection of patients for Septoplasty
  • Stand alone or PC based system now available
  • Can be interfaced through a USB PC connection
  • Software available for up to and including Windows 10
  • Rapid test which requires minimal patient co-operation
  • Allows documented confirmation of the success of procedure
  • Anatomical or conical nose pieces for rapid airtight connection
The NV1 Rhinospirometer allows the measurement of partitioning of airflow between two nasal passages.
As the patient breathes in through two nasal adaptors, the volume of air through each side of the nose is measured. A nasal partitioning ratio (NPR) can be easily calculated from the nasal volumes. Clinical work published suggests that NPR values within a range of +/-0.3 are normal while figures greater than that indicate a degree of asymmetry, which may benefit from surgery.

The NV1 system can provide facilities for the following applications:

  • Objective measurement of severity of Nasal Septum Deviation
  • Study of Nasal cycle and Rhinitis

It can be used as a free standing instrument or it can be supplied PC linked with appropriate software to visually display and automatically calculate the NPR. The patient records can then be stored and printed.

Developed in conjunction with the Common Cold Centre Cardiff University, UK.

Dimensions 21x8x15cm
Weight 2kg
Supply Voltage Universal (Free Standing), USB (PC Link)
Power Consumption 3 watts
Repeatability > 2% FSD
Volume Accuracy (0–5L) > 3% FSD
Standards BS EN 60601-1:2006, BS EN 60601-1-2:2007, Class I, CE Mark
Warmup Time 5 Minutes
The full product brochure is available to download here:

Product Brochure

NV1 Reference List Here


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