Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow (PNIF) Meter

Our Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow (PNIF) Meter is lightweight, compact and a simple way to inspect the patency of a patients nose.

Measurements can be generated from a single inspiratory manoeuvre using both nostrils simultaneously, or by using each nostril in turn, to provide a simple indication of obstruction, although care must be taken due to variability in subject efforts, and the possible effect of nasal valve collapse.

Our PNIF Meter has a number of benefits:

  • Helps guide the clinician in determining whether surgical intervention or further assessment is appropriate.
  • Measures nasal volume and flow for assessing nasal airway patency
  • With normal use it is expected that the PNIF unit will remain within the accuracy range for 2 years
  • Ease of use and easily cleaned as per instructions

Our GM Instruments Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow (PNIF) Meter can be used to quickly assess the patency of a patient’s nose. It is used along with either a disposable or reusable mask, both of which are available in in a range of sizes (See Options Tab). A medium disposable mask is included as standard with the unit.

If the PNIF is to be used by a number of subjects, it can be cleaned between uses or alternatively, this can be avoided by siting an antiviral filter between the mask and the PNIF device. A clean mask should be used for each test.

If the PNIF is to be used by only one subject there is no need to change or clean the mask and no need to clean the PNIF or use an antiviral filter

It uses a variable diameter tube calibrated directly in litres per minute (l/min), along with a low inertia indicator ring, whose position after an inspiratory manoeuvre clearly indicates the maximum flow achieved.

It is recommended that an average reading of the best of 3 manoeuvres should be recorded for a subject as care must be taken to allow for variability in subject effort, and the possible effect of nasal valve collapse.

Optional consumables:

  • Disposable PNIF small masks
  • Disposable PNIF medium masks
  • Disposable PNIF large masks
  • Re-usable PNIF small masks
  • Re-usable PNIF medium masks
  • Re-usable PNIF large masks
  • Anti-viral filters (to avoid contamination of the PNIF from expiration by the subject)

Units can be ordered on a one off basis or in larger quantities, please contact us for quotations.

Accuracy: Plus/Minus 10% of reading or 10 L/min flow (whichever is the greater)
Repeatability: Plus/Minus 5%
Measuring: Average of 3 readings
Working Life: Replace after 2 years
The full product brochure is available to download here:

PNIF Specifications (2mb)

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