Introducing the ASRA Curve Screening Audiometer

We are proud to introduce the ASRA Curve Screening Audiometer. Developed from the successful reputation of the ASRA Classic, the ASRA Curve offers many of the same unique, beneficial features but combines the latest technology with a compact product for ease of use across a range of healthcare environments.

Incorporating state of the art technology and easy to use software, the ASRA Curve Audiometer is our full range, PC based screening audiometer which interfaces with Occupational Health data bases (Medgate Cohort, Opas & eOpas) and includes accessories. The ASRA Curve performs air conduction screening, backed up with additional software to perform a range of tasks including annual statistics and recall lists.

Upon request, the ASRA Curve can be supplied with any of the following accessories:
– A second pre calibrated headset
– A laptop pre-loaded with Asra Curve software
– A full colour A4 printer
– A soft carry case