GM Osicus Solo Audiometer Package

ASRA Osicus

Small, lightweight and robust audiometer

ASRA Curve

Compact full PC-based audiometer

GM A1 Acoustic Rhinometer Light

Acoustic Rhinometer

Offering examinations of patient nasal cavity

GM NR6 Rhinomanometer In Use

NR6 Rhinomanometer

Quantifying patient nasal function

NV2 Rhinospirometer

NV2 Rhinospirometer

Measuring the partitioning of airflow between nasal passages

GM SMART Resuscitation Trainer Light

SMART Trainer

Assists in learning or improving mask ventilation technique

GM Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow Meter with Mask

PNIF Meter

Simple, lightweight, durable Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow Meters

GM EARS Response System

EARS Audio Checker

Test the performance of an audiometer and response button

Audio Booth

Audio Booth

Offering a controlled acoustic environment for hearing screening

Smell & Taste

Setting the standard for assessing the ability to taste and smell

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