Standard (ARNI) and Advanced (Training/Research) Versions
The SMART Mask Leak Trainer device was originally developed to form part of the UK Resuscitation Council’s (ARNI) course. Those licensed to run ARNI courses will need the Standard version and the preterm and term manikins. The Standard and Advanced version software displays the generated (bag or T piece) lung pressure, flow rate, inspired/expired volumes along with % difference (due to mask leakage).

For those that wish to examine the traces obtained in more detail for research or training then the Advanced version has additional software features to save, recall and export for research purposes and practice sections to allow for practice, observation and certification.

The continuous practice section can be used for as long, and as often, as desired for training purposes with the option to select the best mask and develop technique, in order to improve ventilation success. There is also a Certification feature to certify the standard achieved with a time limited test.

Using the SMART Mask Leak Training Device

The device demonstrates effective technique and helps individuals and groups to practice different techniques with real time feedback.
Feedback allows individuals to find the most effective mask hold technique and highlight areas for continued development, which can be taken into clinical practice.
It can also be used to explore a range of aspects that may impact on the efficiency of face mask ventilation, from devices to team factors. Group work can highlight that one technique may not suit all resuscitators, an important consideration when supervising and training colleagues in this important skill. The SMART device can subsequently be used in self-directed practice to maintain and enhance performance after training.

What feedback does the device give?
The SMART software displays typical respiratory function waveforms – pressure, flow, respiratory rate and volume. Easy to read scales, including a time stamp, enable the user to examine delivered positive pressure ventilation and its variation on a ‘breath by breath’ basis.

The SMART device does not require the user to be familiar with respiratory waveforms as mask leak is simultaneously presented numerically with accompanying colour coded graphics in a clear and unambiguous way. By means of the user-friendly visual feedback, the effectiveness of resuscitation devices and /or techniques can be assessed, altered and improved.

Having completed the practice section to your satisfaction in the Training/Research version, the option is given to move into the Certification section, where the results from a timed session can subsequently be printed as a record of achievement.

We offer two versions of this device. The Standard version for the ARNI Training Course or an Advanced version for Training/Research. The Standard version is supplied with a preterm and term manikin whilst the Advanced version includes your choice of preterm, term or young children manikin.

  • Used as a training aid, it permits risk free practice and certification
  • Provides objective and immediate feedback on mask ventilation technique
  • Can be used individually for refresher practice or formal certification
  • As a research tool it provides a unique capability to analyse performance
  • Both versions are easy to run with user friendly, effectiveness feedback

Features Standard Advanced
Risk free practice, in order to establish a stable, comfortable technique
Builds confidence should the need to ventilate arise
Displays the Pressure, Flow and Volume generated
Calculates the volume due to lung recoil as a percentage of the original volume
Save, and recall saved data
Export basic data
Run and review a practice session
Move on to either self or observed certification showing results achieved
Ability to select the manikin being used (changes scaling appropriately)
SMART Standard Version (ARNI)
Provided with:
» ARNI Software
» Transducer Unit
» Respiratory Flowhead
» Preterm Manikin
» Term Manikin
» Carry Case
» USB Cable

Optional Extras:
» Pack of 8 masks of different sizes/styles
» Laptop PC with software installed

SMART Advanced Version (Trainer/Research)
Provided with:
» Training/Research Software
» Transducer Unit
» Respiratory Flowhead
» Carry Case
» USB Cable
» Three manikin options are available (see below), one manikin is included as standard to customers choice and others are optional.

Optional Extras:
• Preterm Manikin
• Term Manikin
• Child Manikin
• Laptop PC with software installed

  • GM SMART Resuscitation Trainer Light

    SMART Resuscitation Mask Leak Trainer

  • GM Respiratory Flowheads All Sizes

    Respiratory Flowheads

  • Audio Booth

    Audiometer Booths

  • GM EARS Response System

    Electroacoustic Auto Response System