Med-Tech Experts

Over 50 years experience providing E.N.T solutions to medical professionals to facilitate internal nasal canal mapping and industrial audiometry screening.

Nasal Measurement

Manufacturing a selection of products that allow internal nasal canal measurements and mapping to assist diagnosis & treatment

Audiology Equipment

A range of devices used in the assessment and diagnosis of hearing. Designed specifically for audiologists and hearing specialists

Resuscitation Trainers

Innovative device designed assist with resuscitation of babies or young children, helping improving mask ventilation technique


Enhance your diagnosis

Over three decades of continuous product development has enhanced our accuracy, reliability, and patient comfort. Our products are integrated with medical professionals to elevate their diagnostic capabilities – Enhancing the quality of patient care they provide.

Customer Feedback

Your feedback is paramount in our process – It allows us to innovate and improve. Your experiences help refine designs, enhance functionalities, and ensure that our devices & software meet the highest standards.

Service & Calibration

Ensure your medical equipment meets regulator standard, functions optimally and has verified accuracy. Safeguard the performance and reliability of your medical devices, to continually delivery high-quality care.

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