“We’ve been busy here at GM Instruments…”

We wanted to let you to our Advanced SMART trainer which has been updated to be used on pre-term, term and young children mannequins to broaden the training of medical staff across a wider age group and improve skills. The advanced model also comes with improved software which now has the additional ability to save and recall data for comparison with printing options.

What is the SMART device?

The Standardised Measurement of Airway Resuscitation Training (SMART) device was designed to help individuals who may be called upon to resuscitate babies or young children, to learn or improve, mask ventilation technique. This forms part of the UK Resuscitation Council’s Advanced Resuscitation of the Newborn Infant (ARNI) course, and can also be used for ongoing practice, for self or observed certification, or for research purposes.

Key features of the new device

  • Record, play back and print out the waveforms which were generated

  • Save, and recall saved data

  • Export basic data

  • Run and review a practice session

  • Move on to either self or observed certification showing results achieved

  • Ability to select the manikin being used (changes scaling appropriately)