Audiometer Booth

Single Occupancy booth providing a controlled acoustic environment for efficient hearing screening.

This audiometer booth includes a range of useful features including a moulded internal seat and double glazed window.

Our Sound Booth has a number of user benefits:

  • Complies with BS EN ISO 8253-1
  • Supplied fully assembled or in ‘kit’ form
  • The booth is fully mobile and is fitted with castors
  • Will pass easily through most standard doorways
  • Silent ventilation system
  • Maintenance free internal LED lighting
  • Moulded integral seat
  • Foldable shelf and stainless steel jack panel (for connection to the audiometer)
  • Ready to use within minutes of delivery

This unit is constructed from 53mm thick Noishield panels and is supplied with “maintenance free” sensor operated LED lighting and a moulded internal seat. A double glazed window giving a clear view of approximately 750mm high x 600mm wide is provided, the lower portion of the window has a frosted section. A folding audiometer shelf is fitted below the window.

The ceiling panel contains an all-in-one sensor operated ventilation system.

A 3000mm long drop cord with mains/12 volt transformer is provided for connection to a 220/240v mains power point. Beneath the window a pre-wired wired jack panel is provided containing 9 off 6.4mm jack sockets and one off USB port.

The audiometer booth is typically supplied pre-assembled and just requires positioning and plugging into the mains before its ready to use.

The booth is available in two configurations, Type 1 (right-hand hinge) and Type 2 (left-hand hinge).

Delivery to ‘kerb side’ or to ‘final position’ (subject to checking access) are both available.

  • External: 710mm wide x 981mm deep x 1943mm high
  • Internal: 604mm wide x 860mm deep x 1680mm high
  • Net weight: 295kg

The overall dimensions of the booth are designed to fit through most standard door openings and the booth is fitted with casters to ensure complete mobility.

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