Respiratory Flowheads

Our range of Respiratory Flowheads (Pneumotachographs) have been designed to cover gas flows appropriate to monitor respiration of mice through to small ponies and everything in between.

There are 5 heads in the range, and each has been designed to give a linear flow/pressure relationship within the flow rates expected. The differential pressures generated by each head at its rated maximum linear flow are broadly similar and lie within the range of +/- 20 mm H2O

Our Respiratory Flowheads have a number of benefits:

  • Lightweight design
  • Low thermal inertia
  • Direction sensitive
  • Low costs
Each of the flowheads has been designed to change the applied flow to a stream of laminar airflow, which is then applied to a very fine stainless steel gauze assembly. This acts as a resistive element to the airflow, and within the rated levels of each flowhead, produces a pressure differential proportional to that airflow.

The pressure differential is very small, and when connected to a differential pressure transducer, allows a direct reading of both positive and negative flow rate. G M Instruments can advise on the availability of suitable transducers.

See specification tab for further details.

Flowhead Code Linear range (in L/min)
F1L ±1
F10L ±10
F100L ±100
F300L ±300
F1000L ±1000

See brochure for further details.

The full product brochure is available to download here:

Respiratory Flowheads Brochure V2.0 (305 KB)

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