When monitoring the effectiveness of a hearing conservation program in an industrial situation, or doing audiometry as part of general health screening assessment, the availability of automatic testing and interpretation is invaluable.

We offer two PC based screening audiometers which provide many unique facilities, while still complying with International standards and recommended procedure. Additionally we offer sound reduction headsets, booths, and can advise on independent “competent person” training courses. Personal delivery, installation, training and on going support in the form of on site calibration, software updates etc form part of the total package offered.

ASRA Audiometer
OSICUS Audiometer



Electroacoustic Auto Response System (EARS)

EARS provides a quick and convenient way of checking the performance of an audiometer and the response button prior to using it with subjects.

  • Ease to use

  • Light & portable

  • Fully automatic

  • Accurate & consistent

  • USB powered

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Audio Booth

IAC 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter

Single Occupancy booth providing a controlled acoustic environment for efficient hearing screening.

  • Complies with BS EN ISO 8253-1
  • Supplied fully assembled or in ‘kit’ form
  • The booth is fully mobile and is fitted with castors
  • Will pass easily through most standard doorways
  • Silent ventilation system
  • Maintenance free internal LED lighting
  • Moulded integral seat
  • Foldable shelf and stainless steel jack panel (for connection to the audiometer)
  • Ready to use within minutes of delivery
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